«Театр психе» – уникальная возможность получить знания «из первых рук» от лучших лекторов.
The Realm of the Archetypes, Their Manifestation in the Therapeutical Process. Feelings and Affects. Amplifications and Images.
«Theaters Of Psyche.Firsthand»
Year 2021-2022
«Slow Reading Group»
International online program for study groups.
English and Russian-taught course.
Чтение собраний сочинений Юнга совместно с аналитиками мирового уровня, разбирая фундаментальные понятия абзац за абзацем, включая сноски.
Each seminar
Each seminar is followed by a group supervision, during which the lecturer speaks on the practical application of the relevant theme. Working in a group ensures seeing a variety of perspectives in the analysis that is beneficial for professional evolvement.

Of Psyche»
The structure of the seminar:
Since we have united highly experienced participants the format of the meetings is customized to balance time horizon and information volume.

1. A lecture by a keynote analyst on the declared subject. 2.5h
During the lecture (2h) our presenters will make us acquainted with the most recent theoretical researches and share their best practices on the various aspects of the analytical processes. The lecture material will be emailed in advance so that the participants have enough time to be ready with their questions. We will have a 30-minute Q and A section at the end of the lecture (translation provided).

2. Group Supervision (1.5h)
Confidentiality guaranteed, you will be emailed a case material alongside with the lecture material. The suggestion is that you work on it from the position of the analyst and supervisor and when in the meeting you will add the aspects and nuances that appear during the interaction in the group supervision. Vitaliy Yaskevitch (link in bio), our translator, will help us in the interaction. It is supposed that the participants cooperate, create a vibrant learning space, and observe the exquisite skillful work of their colleague, the keynote lecturer, thus helping a shared professional space to take place. All these are what we call a high quality work.

3. A lecture by Andrey Lomonosov (link in bio), an Art Historian, Culture expert, consultant in galleries and museums in Russia and Europe.
A vivid presentation, an incredible volume of knowledge and our lecturer’s passion about art will accompany us as we proceed with a 1.5-hour lecture on the cultural heritage of humankind. The lecture will provide the material on culture necessary for us as practicing professionals and individuals in the system of mankind.

Philosophy of the Seminar:
The Axiom of Maria Prophetessa 1 day of the seminar = 2 lecturers = 3 working units = 4 (theory + practice + history and culture + the community)
Our Lecturers
The project seminar and group leaders are all widely renowned and highly experienced practicing experts and theorists. This is how we make sure you receive access to up-to-date works and theoretical insights.
Our Pursuit
We believe that being a practicing clinician implies learning, skill development, and profound inner work. A lifetime of work. We have chosen to create opportunities and more choices for those seeking theoretical, clinical, and supervision support from senior colleagues, teachers, and researchers. With us, you receive the information firsthand.
Is to shape a safe learning space for further evolution, to create a friendly community to support experts in their clinical practice and professional life.
The Structure of the Course:
Beginning September 2021
Closing June 2023
a 2.5-hour lecture including 30-minute Q&A section
a 1.5-hour group supervision
a 2-hour lecture by a Culture and Arts expert
Once a month on a weekend day
Cost of participation
539 $
6 lectures + Q&A (15 hours)
6 supervisions (9 hours)
6 lectures by a Culture and Arts expert (12 hours)
1 seminar access ticket
119 $
1 lecture + Q&A (2.5 hours)
1 supervision (1.5 hours)
1 lecture by a Culture and Arts expert (2 hours)
3-month participation
319 $
3 lectures + Q&A (7.5 hours)
3 supervisions (4.5 hours)
3 lectures by a Culture and Arts expert (6 hours)
The cost may vary according to the currency exchange rate. Discounts in honor of Christmas!
With us, you receive the information firsthand.
«There are new horizons of ideas and theories that we strive to open via our seminars and conferences, as well as to highlight the connections between schools of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy»
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